Kevin Soini for Seattle District 4- 2023.

The East Coast Millennial with a Plan

I have lived 9 of my best years in Seattle and watched the grow and change from 2008 onward. I'm the progressive city council candidate here to make a difference.

Kevin Soini

A native of Brookline Massachusetts, partially raised in the Pocono Mountain Region of Northeast PA, I have a rich world view and a great respect for our environment and its indigenous peoples. Jobs and apartments need improvement in the district and I'm here to help. I received my BFA in creative writing from Umaine Farmington, and am studying for my M.A in Marriage and Family Therapy with Northcentral University, an alternative grad school based in La Jolla, CA. As a former student of the Seattle Community College System, I will champion projects with that institution to keep education accessible in Seattle. I will also work with UW in my district to that end. I will improve commerce and business in the district by making commercial properties look better here, and helping entrepreneurs grow their businesses. As director of the emerging non-profit Blue Buddha Dharma and Tao Association, I have had a lot of inspiration and direction in life. I have adopted what I consider to be a strong set of morals and virtues. And I your interest at heart and everyone else's. I see the big picture. Though if elected for public service, I would not handle any of my private projects on official time. As it is, I have been doing my schoolwork on weekends, around my employment. I am very good about that, and tend to get things done at work and otherwise.